Our Telia One transformation continues with the merging of Telia Inmics-Nebula Oy’s business operations into the business operations of Telia Finland Oyj and Telia Cygate Oy.

The merging of Telia Inmics-Nebula Oy’s business will take place in two phases. The first phase of the merging will take place on 1 October 2023, at which time some of the services and service agreements will be transferred to Telia Finland Oyj. For Telia Cygate Oy, the transfer of services and agreements will take place in November 2023, and we will communicate separately about them.

The transfer taking place on 1 October 2023 concerns the following Telia Inmics-Nebula Oy services:

Services transferring to Telia Finland
Devices & Accessories (Mobile, PC)
Device as a Service (Mobile, PC)
Datacenter Colocation
Telia Homepage, Webhotel- & Domain Service
End User Support Services
Device lifecycle and management services
Service Manager Services

Your service agreement for the above services will be transferred to Telia Finland and become its responsibility.  Our payment and invoicing information will also change at that time. As of 1 October 2023, the invoicer of the transferred services will be Telia Finland Oyj, and the invoicer’s account number, the appearance of the invoice and the sender information of e-mail invoices might also change.

Please note that invoices must always be paid using the payment details on the invoice.

For the time being, you can still reach us through the familiar service channels. We will inform our customers separately about possible changes and service interruptions. Our current contact details can be found at:

Telia Inmics-Nebula SME and large enterpriseshttps://www.telia.fi/business/customer-support/contact-us  

Read more and follow our transformation in Finnish at https://www.telia.fi/yrityksille/muutosmatka.